Fitbit Versa Clock Faces + Fitbit Ionic Clock Faces

Created with the Fitbit OS SDK and available now in the Fitbit Clock Face Gallery. #Made4Fitbit

time circuits are on
now serving 991 gamertags
Fitpip Bitboy
conquer goals to heal radiation
Sliding Puzzle
customise tile position & colour
analogue or digital - light or dark
Look In To My Eye
cycle colours & stats
Shine Bright
diamonds act as analogue clock hands
Four Five Sixths
customise each arc colour
Pixel Hatred
cycle colours & peak activity stats
One Step at a Time
cycle colours & activity stats
IV for Versa
gauges show goal progress
let's hunt Llamas! #VictoryRoyale
digital rain or déjà vu?
45 Disc
optional countdown - cycle stats & colours
Newton's Cradle
customise sphere colour
Stake to the Heart
switch colour themes
I Gaming
customise each arc colour
Windows Central
Ahoy from Phixate Games
Game of Words
Spots Off
Spots Off clock face for Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic
Spot On

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download a clock face?
If you are browsing this page on the device you have the Fitbit app installed, the blue cloud download icons above will try to launch the clock face gallery in the Fitbit app. Alternatively, just open the Fitbit app, tap the Ionic/Versa icon twice, then tap the "Clocks" option to open "My Clock" where you may then tap "Pick a New Clock" or "ALL CLOCKS" to browse the clock face gallery.

Fitbit Status?
Please visit

Something else?
Please send me a message via Xbox Live or visit the 45six Discord.

Where may I find more clock faces?
On Twitter give a follow, search #Made4Fitbit or check out these links:
- tidalwave apps
- UTDesign
- who have I missed?