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GamerBand was a FREE Windows Phone app which enabled users to create a custom Microsoft Band Me Tile wallpaper featuring their Xbox Live Avatar, Gamertag and Gamerscore.


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Windows Phone users without a Microsoft Band could use GamerBand to add a Live tile to their Start screen and to share their Xbox Avatar image.

GamerBand Live Tile on Windows Phone 8.1

News and Reviews

2018 - My own Microsoft Band died earlier this year so I have regretfully removed the GamerBand app from the Windows Store as I am unable to test updates required by changes to the Xbox data sources and Windows SDK. I hope you enjoyed using the app. If like me, you have switched to a Fitbit, please check out GamerBand in the Fitbit clock gallery.

Apr 14th 2017 - Over 14k downloads just ahead of GamerBand's two year anniversary in the store. Coincidentally, it is my 14th anniversary of Xbox Live this month. Time for a few new wallpapers, just in case you're not using the custom wallpaper option to import your own.

New wallpapers for your Microsoft Band

Apr 7th 2017 - Based on your feedback a "No Adverts"s; option has been implemented, so if you've enjoyed using the app and want to send me a little monetary token of your appreciation, or you simply hate the adverts, please purchase the add-on via the "about" page. The adverts displayed in GamerBand are from AddDuplex which is a cross-promotion network helping developers promote each others apps for free. I do NOT earn any money from the adverts displayed.

Remove Adverts Add-On

Band Store app for WindowsJun 25th 2016 - Gamerband has been updated with a few new wallpapers: Project Scorpio, Sea of Thieves, Hitman and Skyrim. I've also included a link on the 'About' page in the app to Band Store, it's an excellent Windows Phone app that helps you find more great Microsoft Band apps. Gamerband is featured in their "Top Free Apps" list and with your help, a few more five star reviews, we might make it on to the first page, ha-ha.

Apr 21st 2016 - Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of GamerBand being published in the Windows Store. According to the Microsoft Dev Center the app has been downloaded 9035 times. Thanks for your support.

Microsoft Dev Center App Aquisitions Graph

Apr 4th 2016 - Ray Cox aka Stallion83 shares his MeTile, featuring Shawn Ashmore, in honour of Quantum Break

Stallion83's Tweet

Dec 17th 2015 - George Ponder reviews GamerBand for Windows Central - GamerBand puts your Xbox Avatar on your Microsoft Band

Windows Central screenshot

"We liked the app when we first took a look at it and after several updates, our opinion has not wavered. At last check, GamerBand is rated at 4.3 Stars with several positive comments from users describing the app as "must have" and "very cool". We won't argue with the rating and see GamerBand is a solid addition to the collection of Band Apps in the Windows Phone Store."

May 2nd 2015 - Ian Dixon, founder of says "It is a really nice way to customise your Band if you are an Xbox Live fan."

Apr 27th 2015 - Graeme Boyd, Xbox Live's AceyBongos sharing his GamerBand Me Tile on Instagram.

Instagram screenshot

Apr 22nd 2015 - Álex Rodríguez for - "Gamerband te permite lucir tu avatar de Xbox en tu Microsoft Band"

WindowsInsider.ex screenshot

"El funcionamiento de la aplicación es muy sencillo. Únicamente tendremos que introducir nuestro nombre y seleccionar la posición y el tamaño de nuestro avatar. La aplicación también nos permite escoger el color de fondo que se mostrará en nuestra Microsoft Band junto a nuestro avatar. Una vez terminada nuestra creación pulsaremos al botón sincronizar, localizado en la barra inferior, y nuestro avatar será transferido a nuestra Microsoft Band. GamerBand es gratuita y por ahora únicamente está disponible en inglés, aunque como hemos dicho antes, cuenta con una interfaz muy intuitiva, de forma que el idioma no supondrá ningún problema."

Apr 22nd 2015 - Windows Central's Mark Guim offers readers a how-to video on GamerBand v.1

"Now that you've been playing with your Xbox avatar on Windows 10 Preview, you can also try carrying your mini-character on your wrist. This is possible because of a Microsoft Band third-party app called GamerBand. The Windows Phone app lets you add your Xbox avatar and Gamertag to your Microsoft Band's Me Tile."

Apr 2017 - Melvin, Belgium five stars forum of and it is really great. Possibility to choose his own background for the Band 1 and/or 2, customization with Xbox GamerTag, GamerScore, Avatar, Logo. Simple, fast and intuitive, everything that is necessary for a good app.">Fonctionne parfaitement avec ma Microsoft Band 1 via mon Lumia 950. J'ai installé cette application qui m'a été conseillé sur le forum de et elle est vraiment top. Possibilité de choisir son propre fond d'écran pour la Band 1 et/ou 2, personnalisation avec GamerTag/GamerScore/Avatar/Logo Xbox. Simple, rapide et intuitive, tout ce qu'il faut pour une bonne appli.

Apr 2016 - Michael, US five stars Best one out there. Let's you put an Xbox twist on your band 1 or 2 and lets you make a custom wallpaper for or choose from the awesome premade ones. I'd give 6 stars if I could

Apr 2016 - Max, US five stars Awesome app, awesome dev. Earned a 5 star for custom backgrounds. Love this app, dev was super responsive to questions

Nov 2015 - Matt, US five stars Looks great on the band screen! The Dev's continue to update and make this app a MUST have!!! Great additions and fixes, love it!!!

Jun 2015 - Jordan, US five stars I love this app. Now I can show off my gamer score and avatar wherever I go. A must have for anyone who is super proud of their gamerscore.

Jun 2015 - Neeka, UK five stars Excellent! A must have for any gamers, allowed me to share and my buddies could see my tag too.

Jun 2015 - Joey, UK five stars Since putting this onto my Band I haven't gone back to Pimp My Band since! A great Xbox-based Band customisation app with regular support.

Jun 2015 - Joni, Finland five stars Now with support for GS this is even better :)

Apr 2015 - Adam, US five stars Awesome!!!! only one more feature request is more color ranges.

Apr 2015 - trev, UK five stars Easy to use, looks great on the band. If you're a geek like me you will love this app!! Shows the huge potential for the Microsoft Band as well

Apr 2015 - Rob, UK five stars Great app for Xbox lovers, love seeing my GT on my band. Cheers

Apr 2015 - John, US five stars Very easy to setup and run. It males me want to get back online and update my Avatar! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do a No Adverts version
The adverts displayed in GamerBand are from AddDuplex which is a cross-promotion network helping developers promote each others apps for free.
I do NOT earn any money from the adverts displayed.
Apr 2017 - Please see the "remove adverts"s; option in the app.

Why is it not showing my Avatar?
After you type in your Gamertag tap the 'refresh' icon on the bottom app bar to download your Avatar.
Your phone needs a WiFi or 3G/4G data connection to download your Avatar and Gamerscore.

How may I customise my Xbox Live Avatar?
You can change your avatar on your Xbox console, the Avatar Editor on the website or the Windows 10 "Xbox Avatars" app.
The "Xbox Extras" app for Windows Phone 8 is no longer available to download but if you already have it installed it should still work.
More support is available on here:

How may I change my avatar's pose?
The pose applied to image of your avatar which GamerBand uses is (usually) linked to the prop you have selected. It is not something GamerBand is able to change for you, sorry.
More support is available on the site here:

Why is it showing 'Page Not Found' when I try to refresh my Gamerscore?
This usually means that you have specified a Gamertag that does not exist. Have you mistyped a character or left out a space?

Please add Band notifications for messages, friends, etc.
We'd love to add that to GamerBand but currently we don't have access to an application programming interface that provides that functionality.

Something else?
Please get in touch via the About page within the app or drop me a message on Xbox Live.

Change Log


  • Added five new wallpapers.
  • Beta testing a "remove adverts" add-on.


  • Added "Custom Wallpaper" feature. Use your own image as the wallpaper.


  • Added support for the Microsoft Band 2's larger Me Tiles.
  • Added gaming wallpapers.


  • Live Tile displays Gamertag, Gamerscore and Avatar on Start Screen


  • Replaced Settings page with Hub Sections.
  • Added touch drag for Avatar position.
  • Added background colour picker.
  • Added "Use current Band Theme Colour" button.
  • Added "Sync Gamerscore on app open" option.


  • Moved Gamertag textbox to Settings.
  • "Tap & Hold" Move Avatar buttons.
  • Auto save of last downloaded Avatar.
  • Added option to align labels to left.
  • Added "Share Me Tile" & "Share Avatar".
  • Added Skype Chat contact option.
  • Spanish language UI localization.


  • Gamerscore (requires login)
  • Dedicated Avatar/Gamerscore refresh buttons.
  • Auto save of last used Me Tile options.
  • Feedback link on About page fixed.


  • Updated UI based on user feedback.
  • French and German UI localization.


  • Move Avatar Left and Right.
  • General UI improvements.


  • Optionally hide Avatar, Gamertag or Logo.
  • Custom background colour option.
  • Reset "clear cached gamertag".


Gaming Content Usage Rules
GamerBand was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from the games listed below and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Forza © Microsoft Corporataion
Gears of War © Microsoft Corporataion
Halo 5 Guardians © Microsoft Corporation
Rise of the Tomb Raider © Microsoft Corporation
Quantum Break © Microsoft Corporation
Sea Of Thieves © Microsoft Studios - Rare

Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox Live, the Xbox logos, and/or other Microsoft products are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Minecraft © Microsoft Corporation / Mojang
GamerBand is NOT an official Minecraft product and is NOT approved by or associated with Mojang.
Dead Rising © Capcom & Microsoft Studios
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim © Bethesda
Fallout © Bethesda
Hitman © Square Enix
Mass Effect © Bioware™ & Electronic Arts Inc.
Star Wars Battlefront © Electronic Arts Inc. - Star Wars © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
The Division © Ubisoft